OnePlus 6T Review: They Nailed It Yet Again

OnePlus 6T
Source: Google

OnePlus though having only one series of smartphone keeps updating them bi-yearly and the latest OnePlus 6T is in the market with all bells and whistles.

OnePlus is a well-known brand which revolutionized by offering smartphones with flagship features up to the brim for a very competitive price than its competitors. It seems to be very impatient to update their only line-up of the device and hence we see new phones every six months packed with features for a very good price. OnePlus 6T is the latest from the company. Does it check all boxes? Is it worth the price? Does it still offer the trademark OnePlus value to price proposition? You will find answers for yourself here.


OnePlus 6T Design and Display

Needless to say, 2018 is the year of notches and we are inching towards the end of 2018, means its time for the notches to shrink. OnePlus 6T has a more appealing front look than the OnePlus 6 with a smaller tear-drop notch at the top center. The chin bezel has also reduced in size making way for a marginally larger 6.41 display. The resolution and display tech is carried over 1080 * 2340 Optic AMOLED that produces deep black and vibrant colors. The minimal top-notch holds the front-facing camera and the top of it is the small earpiece grill.

OnePlus 6T
Source: Google

Moving to the back the glass adds to the aesthetics and premium feel of the phone. You will find the dual camera setup followed by the OnePlus logo. If you are wondering where the fingerprint reader has gone it is moved to the front, beneath the display. The in-display fingerprint reader is one of the new upgrades from the previous gen smartphone. The fingerprint scanner works most of the time though is not as fast as the traditional one. Face unlock is a good alternative which works in a swift if you are looking for quick unlocking.

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OnePlus 6T Internals and Software

The hardware beneath is the same old Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 from the previous iteration. The RAM is too same at 6 Gb and 8 Gb options. What is changed is the storage options. You only get 2 storage options 128 Gb with 6 GB and 256 GB with 8 Gb. Up-ing the base storage is a welcome addition amongst the OnePlus lovers.

OnePlus phones are all about being the fastest in the market with fluid UI and high spec-ed internals, OnePlus 6T does fail on that. The software on board is oxygen OS on top of Android 9 Oreo. As always, the UI is very much close to stock with some nice add-on features baked it which make for a great user experience. The apps load quickly and games run very efficiently even at the highest graphics settings.

OnePlus has stuck 3300 battery for the last few iterations and finally, with the extension of the screen, the battery too has grown but with a trade-off which we will get back shortly. The increase in battery capacity means extended battery life going little beyond a single day usage and more charging time. The latter is rectified with improved charging speeds from the Dash charging tech which was already industry leading.

The tradeoff that we mentioned earlier is the absence of headphone jack. OnePlus has also hopped in the train of no-headphone-jack-phones. It is disappointing rather surprising to see a brand known for value for money smartphones to ditch the headphone jack. It is understandable to an extent that larger screen and battery has been achieved with the headphone jack trade-off but still feels a little early to lose on it. OnePlus has an inexpensive compensation for lack of headphone jack by offering a USB-C headphone as part of the introductory offer.

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OnePlus 6T Camera

Camera hardware on front and rear is untouched and simply carried from the OnePlus 6. On the rear is the 16 MP f/1.7 sensor with OIS and a 20MP f/1.7 secondary sensor of the same focal length. What is changed is the camera features and software. Has an improved HDR mode and night mode out of the box that boasts 2sec long exposure in the place of 5sec exposure. Except these the photos and videos coming out of the OnePlus 6 and the 6T looks almost the same.


OnePlus 6T Price and Colours

As like the previous gen the OnePlus 6T comes in Mirror Black and Mid Night black and months later Pearl White and Red is expected to join. The base 128 Gb, 6 Gb variant comes only in Mirror Black limiting options for the cheapest option urging to get the higher variants.

The price of the base variant is bumped up a bit but unnoticeable in most parts like the US from 529 USD to 549USD which is negligible but consistent with every upgrade. If you look closely the price has been increasing gradually every since the first gen and inching toward the premium segment but not without reason. Every time they bump the price up, it brings in enough features to justify the price tag. This time it is the in-display fingerprint reader and doubles the storage which in my books is very justifiable.

Removing the headphone jack is what keeps me bothered much because existing headphones won’t work directly anymore for most of us. Use an adaptor which is bundled with the phone or for the most situation you are forced to buy a Bluetooth headset.


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