Top 5 Water Parks Where You Can Visit With Your Kids This Weekend

Water Kingdom, Mumbai
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During summer weekends, kids or their families are wanted to get rid of work. The weather is fast reaching summer vacations for schools and colleges have begun! A dip in cold water and some severe splashing fun is hands down the best way to beat the summer heat. If you enjoy the rush of zipping down a water slide or rocking a wave pool with your kids, water parks are the place to be.  Plan a trip to visit these India’s popular water parks to fun for children and adults alike.

There are various themes and amusement and water parks in India. The weekends of summer can visit the malls, movies theatre and others, But how about spending this summer weekends under the sun by the visit to water parks. In this article, we are talking about the thrills of water rides at the wonderful and most popular water parks in India. Water pool is a famous tourist attraction. Kids ‘also enjoy one of this activity. They can want to take the rest from the study during a summer weekend.

Top 5 Water Parks in India

  1. Fun City, Chandigarh

Fun City, Chandigarh
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Chandigarh is the sweetest city of India. Fun city, Chandigarh is the biggest enjoyment park in the whole northern region. This is the famous water park of lovely city Chandigarh. Families with their kids’ are also want to visit there and enjoy the weekend. Kids’ enjoy the landing pools, 17 slides with various sizes and shapes and aqua dance. The park gives its visitors excitement and much more fun. Apart from these, there are also Red dragon slide, Crazy Cruise, Aqua dance and a lot more to bring out your passion.

A fun city is located on Chandigarh-Nada Sahib Gurudwara Barwala Road, hence easily accessible. It is well connected to the town and can be visited by booking a private taxi or cab.

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  1. Splash Water Park, Delhi

Splash Water Park, Delhi
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The splash water park located on the border of Delhi, every age persons visit in this park and enjoy the swimming. This water park is loaded with both water and enjoyment rides. This is the best place to spend your weekend with a visit to this park. There are numeral activities for kids’ fun. It makes you forget your age. Kids will enjoy various types of rides, some of the rides include Cyclone Family Slide, Mushroom Fall, Harakiri and Multilane slides. This water park is situated in Karnal road, Delhi.


  1. Water Kingdom, Mumbai

Water Kingdom, Mumbai
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Water kingdom is known as the oldest water park in India. It is also known as Asia’s biggest water theme park Known as Asia’s largest water theme park. The Water Kingdom is the oldest known water park in India. Kids’ enjoy the rides and gaining the experience of swimming. The water kingdom remains as one of the most extensively visited parks in India. There are popular for school picnics and even weddings and New Year eve nights. Most of the adorable rides are available in the water kingdom. This is situated in west, Mumbai, Maharashtra

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  1. World of Wonder (Wow), Noida

World of Wonder (Wow), Noida
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Visit and enjoy the water parks are the excellent experience for everyone, however mostly for kids’. Spend your weekend With WOW is an extremely famous park situated in the center of Noida. People can also visit the theme park and extra amount of fun with their family. Kids’ can enjoy the free fall and turbo tunnel rides. The world of wonder or (WOW) Water Park is situated in Noida, Uttar Pradesh. Name of this park is also defining their qualities.


  1. Wonderla, Hyderabad

Wonderla, Hyderabad
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Hyderabad is the loudest, craziest and fun place of India. It is as stunning as its brothers in Kochi and Bangalore. This is most popular for amusing 40+ rides. Lets you celebrate and spend time with family and friends and also with kids. People enjoy the sky wheel to crazy cars and pirate ship. We can enjoy the skydiving, night parties. Kids are also experiencing this weekend to visit Wonderla Water Park.  This is popular for various rides. In this water park, there are many facilities available for kids.


As we get into the summer months with kids’ the temperatures reach an all-time high, but our heat-tolerance levels take a dip. When you are trying to get away from the scorching sun during summer weekends, visit in water parks is the best idea. In summer weekends there is nothing better than water rides and amusement parks. In this article, we judge the most popular and wonderful water parks in India. Water parks and amusement parks are enjoyed by all age peoples alike. Plans to going on a trip are a lot of memories in our life. So let’s enjoy these beautiful moments of life visit these adorable water pools or parks and enjoy the numerous rides of Water Park with family, friends or kids also.


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